I was interested in transitioning to a vegan diet so I hired Ana to be my personal chef. While I know she can cook anything, she really shines with vegan cuisine! I'm not a picky eater, and I like surprises, so I have let her cook anything she likes. The results have been truly amazing.

- Brian, from Cambridge, MA

I hired Ana last week to prepare a week's worth of Plant-Based foods and have been thrilled with the results. I've eaten like a king this week and my body has never felt better. Ana prepared my food just as I asked for: Vegan with no oils just as they recommend in the documentary Forks Over Knives and the book the Engine 2 Diet. I've enjoyed amazing salads, chili with cornbread, spaghetti squash noodles, casserole, curry and cookies. The world would be an even better place if Ana cooked for everyone. I feel lucky to have such healthy and delicious food available to me!

- Timothy, from Cambridge, MA

We had a great night and everybody enjoyed themselves! Every comment was positive, people really enjoyed the food. I especially received compliments about the appetizers, the couscous with grilled corn and heirloom tomatoes, the herb roasted potatoes, and the strawberry rhubarb crisps for dessert. My neighbor even asked for a recipe!

- Kathy, from Sudbury, MA
60th Birthday Dinner for 35 Guests

Chef Ana has catered every event for my family over the past several years. My family is vegetarian. She creates a variety of vegetarian dishes, as well as desserts, my family and guests always love.

- Lana, from Bedford, MA